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BVPInc is a team of strong-minded, competent students with an eye for business, hoping to establish an environment where everyone works to bring positive changes in the corporate world. It’s the most prominent business society at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi, and focuses on providing quality guidance when it comes to working in the corporate sector. We believe that every student is a born leader who, if provided with an opportunity, can shine by discovering his/her capabilities.

Our team encourages its members to lead and present their ideas before audiences. We have a constant desire to push budding entrepreneurs forward and welcome them back with open arms. The BVPInc Student Chapter actively supports startups and new ventures initiated by students at the college level.

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An event to test the mental faculties and the decision-making skills, will make you exercise your grey cells.

The event was organised to test the skills of students to come up with the perfect case study. Throughout the event, the participants had to brainstorm to arrive at the best conclusion.


Not just a hackathon, but a platform for tech minds and leading industry partners to collaborate towards future innovations.

Our society collaborated with the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and organised Hack @BVP 3.0.


Brainstorm your way to fresh solutions for challenges in the community through an intensive ideathon.

A successful Ideathon organized in association with Startup4all and IIT Roorkee which focused on “Innovation Mindset for Immortal India”. Students conceptualized and showcased their ideas according to real-world problems and presented great business solutions for the same.

Women in Entrepreneurship

Let’s find the voice of power and authority within us.

The event guided students about the current scenario of women working in the corporate sector, discussed challenges faced by women trying to make it in the sector and guided students into tackling these challenges.

Auction in Action

We believe that to step into the corporate world in near future, students must have a hands-on experience of negotiating and pitching at various levels possible.

All the teams were provided with a fixed amount of virtual cash at the starting of the competition. This cash was utilised in the course of three rounds which were the bidding round, Assets Negotiation Round and the Pitching Round. The winning team was decided based on judges’ scores, points earned, funds’ unspent and the balance cash left as an asset.


An event to nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.

Vyakt, a content writing competition was held in order to provide our students with a medium to express their thoughts actively in the times of global pandemic.

Merchant of Stocks

The virtual mock stock competition in association with Dalal Street Investment Journal, India's #1 equity research and capital investment Magazine.

The event allowed the investors to practice their stock-investment skills without the use of real money. This was done with the aim of introducing stock market and sales as a field of career amongst the students.

Business Hustle

The team of BVPInc Student Chapter organised a knowledgeable blended with fun quiz marathon “BUSINESS HUSTLE” in collaboration with quizadilla.

It was a great opportunity for business enthusiasts to showcase their business skills. The event was a huge success, with students learning new things in the field and achieving certificates and coupons to access related courses.

ChallengeX (Business Canvas Model)

The team of BVPInc planned this competition with the sole aim of enhancing business ideas and presenting them.

We believe that to step into the corporate world in near future, students must have a hands-on experience of business canvas model. All the teams were provided with a business canvas template. The teams had to fill up the template with their business idea based on innovation in the field of technology and present its business value. Between the competition, there was a 15 minutes workshop about the business canvas model. The top 3 teams were declared the winner. The winning teams were decided based on judges’ scores.


Faculty Coordinator:

Ms. Shilpa Gupta

Assistant Professor,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Aryan Gupta


Tisha Kapoor


Manish Sharma

General Secretary

Savi Yadav

General Secretary

Muskaan Rathore


Dohini Bhatt

Externel Affairs

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